Ayobami oyalowo

April 14, 2013

Before the war machines are rolled out

“If we(Niger Delta Militants) begin throwing bombs, nobody will stay in Abuja” – Asari Dokubo Our country Nigeria has been undergoing lots of tumults in the […]
November 13, 2012

The Nigerian Church Is Losing Its Purpose–By Ayobami Oyalowo

Hosea 4:7-9 New King James Version (NKJV) 7 “The more they increased, The more they sinned against Me; I will change their glory into shame. 8 […]
November 9, 2012

Like America, Unlike Nigeria By Ayobami Oyalowo

By Ayobami Oyalowo “I just spoke with Governor Romney and I congratulated him and Paul Ryan on a hard-fought campaign.We may have battled fiercely, but it’s […]